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Player & Coach Progress

Players from Just Play FC have graduated to play at Arsenal (Men's and Womens), Tottenham Hotspur, Watford, QPR, Southampton. 



Coaches have graduated and gone on to coach at professionals clubs, founding new grassroots clubs and working within different aspects of the game.  

Tj O'Leary - Assistant First team coach at Chelsea Womens

Simon Caso - Youth Coach Ajax 

Liban Mude - Youth Development Phase Coach at QPR FC 

Frank Kain - Project Co-Ordinator at Tottenham Hotspur Foundation

Patricio Antonio Fenick-Sanchez - Founder of Brixistane FC

Ricardo Goncalves - Youth coach at Benfica 

Simone Bragantini - First Team Coach at Brescia Womens

Issac Waladbaigi - Head of Futsal coach at Nottingham University and West Bromwich Albion youth coach